EOS-Everipedia 空投-oheos.comEveripedia目标构筑下一代维基百科,目标成为全球最大的百科类网站,并且网站上的内容将全部都是免费的。EOS在韩国的Meetup刚开始,BB一上台首先邀请了Everipedia团队。Everipedia团队很兴奋的表示自己是EOS上第一个应用,并且不会进行募资,宣布所有的IQ将会通过空投发放。关于空投的方式,根据Meetup上PPT图片所示,IQ会投放在参加EOS众筹地址上。Everipedia的网站目前已经上线,可以申请成为一个作者,编辑词条。


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Travis Moore:

Welcome and guidelines for the Everipedia Telegram group


Airdrop: Welcome EOS holders. We will be announcing more details about the airdrop in the next few weeks. It will be ERC20 so make sure you hold your EOS off exchange when the snapshot date (to be announced) occurs.


This is a chat group, so chat is welcome (of course). But please keep the discussion focused on Everipedia, and to a lesser extent things of interest to Everipedians. Our special focus in this group is technical blockchain issues.

For more general chat among Everipedia editors, check out our Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/everipedia.editors For slightly more long-form discussion about both Everipedia.org and the blockchain network we're building, try our subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Everipedia/

This group is for Everipedia participants and fans only!

You don't actually have to have an Everipedia account to be here, but if you participate much, you might be asked what it is...and if you don't have one, well, you might be kicked out.

Please do not try to dominate the discussion over the period of days (or longer), especially if you aren't known to be a regular contributor to the wiki or employee of the company.

More generally, you don't need to comment on everything. Respect the give-and-take.